Mental Health

The current COVID environment can be very stressful for a lot of families, with so much uncertainties around our future and health. Some of us may be stuck at home, working from home, self-isolating, quarantining or recovering.

Whatever it might be, our level of stress can weaken our immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses. Stress could even slow down our recovery. Stress could also worsen existing mental health issues.

This is where yoga can help. The poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises can help us slow down, become more centred and instil a sense of calmness amidst the chaos. Doing it with the family may even help diffuse cabin fever from being stuck at home together!

What is Family Yoga ?

Family yoga or parent and child yoga delivers the same mental and physical benefits as any other yoga classes: enhanced flexibility and strength, refined balance & co-ordination, improved focus, peace of mind, relaxation and a positive self-image and much much more!!!

Our family schedule these days are jam-packed with work, school, homework, soccer practice, dance classes, birthday parties, not to mention the laundry, cooking and cleaning up!!!! As a result, most families are over-stressed, are just plain busy and probably not spending enough quality time together.

Family yoga classes offer families the opportunity to come together and re-connect with each other:

  • By engaging in yoga, parents are demonstrating to their children the importance of prioritising their mental and physical health. Remember kids learn from watching their parents!
  • Parents are given the opportunity to work with and learn alongside their children or learn from their children as the family learns different types of yoga poses and meditation or breathing practices.
  • Allows family members to better understand each other and communicate in a positive way.
  • Parents and children can relax and have fun together – creating memories and forming stronger bonds.
  • Spending time together without the disruption of technology shows our children that we are prioritising them and that being together is important.

Family Yoga at ELC and Kindergartens

Family yoga is the perfect opportunity to get the parents involved! Perfect for forming and maintaining the educators’ and centre’s relationship with the children’s family! This creates a welcoming environment for parents and educators to collaborate together. After all, children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support the children’s learning.

Family yoga is perfect for those special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Family Week, Children’s Week, Father’s Day or any other events that the centre may be exploring.

Family yoga can also help with building a community in and around the centre. It helps families meet other families that they wouldn’t otherwise meet during the busy routine of drop offs and pick-ups.

Classes involve partner yoga poses, group yoga poses, breathing exercises, games, massage, and relaxation. Most poses are done within the family unit to help enhance connection within the family, with others done as a whole group.

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