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Our class offerings are available online. Our online classes are interactive via zoom. All you need is a phone, tablet or a laptop as well as a safe place to practice yoga. School and ELC yoga are available in person or online. 

Kids yoga available for various age groups, perfect for children who may be stuck at home during this challenging period. Time slots can also be reserved for groups of children (school friends, sports club etc) so that children stay connected with their friends while learning techniques to stretch and strengthen (ensuring they stay active while stuck at home), concentrate and focus (critical for home schooling!), self regulate emotions (essential to stop siblings fighting with each other during a lock down!) and instil a sense of calmness amidst the constant change and uncertainty that's currently surrounding us.


Private group bookings are also available, perfect for Early Learning Centres where incursions and excursions may have been cancelled as a result of COVID-19 precautions. 

Please refer to Bookings and Registration tab for more details. 


Calm, resilient and confident children 

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga can help instil a sense of calmness on children and help them develop a positive self-image. Yoga provides children with tools and techniques to help them deal with issues caused by the daily demands and pressures from our modern lives. 


Yoga can also help enhance children’s flexibility and strength and refine their balance and co-ordination.

Toddler Yoga

Ideal for 1 – 2 years olds. A 15 min session designed to introduce children to yoga through the use of simple yoga poses. Classes also involve some singing, dancing and use of fun yoga props. Children are introduced to simple breathing exercises, with the class ending in a beautiful relaxation.


Perfect for just before nap times or just before going home! 

Pre-Kinder Yoga

Ideal for 2 – 3 years olds. A 30 min session where yoga poses are explored through themes and stories. Stories can be based on themes that the centre may be exploring, such as Mother’s Day, ANZAC Day, Reconciliation Week or on popular children’s books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Wombat Stew or the Cranky Bear.


Classes also involve some singing and dancing - your wellness and music program all in one!! Fun and interesting yoga props are used, specifically for breathing exercises. Each class ends with a well-deserved relaxation and foot massage. 

Kinder Yoga

Ideal for 3 - 5 years olds. A 30 - 45 min session, similar to a pre-kinder session where yoga poses are used to explore curricular themes and story books. Classes now include partner and group yoga poses, group massage, as well as yoga games. Classes also start to introduce some mindfulness activities. 


Breathing exercises still utilise the use of props, however the focus is now slightly longer. Relaxation is also slightly longer and may include a short meditation. 

Tools and techniques used in these classes, such as those for self regulating emotions can be useful as the children transition to school. 

ELC Family Yoga

Family yoga is the perfect opportunity to get the parents involved! Perfect for forming and maintaining the educators' and centre's relationship with the children's family! This creates a welcoming environment for parents and educators to collaborate together. After all, children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support the children's learning. For more info, go to the family yoga tab. 


Calm, resilient and confident learners 

A 2018 study conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Melbourne University shows that the mental health and well being of Australian students has declined significantly since 2003. Nearly half of the students surveyed reported feeling “very stressed” (up from 28% in 2003). The number of students who reported feeling confident while doing difficult school work has fallen from 76% to 59%. The findings also show an increasing lack of resilience among a growing number of young people.


Impact of Stress on Learning and Mental Health 


Stress can impede the ability to focus, concentrate and self-regulate emotions, These factors can lead to poor academic performance, early drop outs and participation in risky behaviour.


Australian children spend 13 years in school. Schools therefore have the power to equip children with tools and techniques that help them take personal responsibility for managing their physical and mental health and wellbeing from an early age.


How can yoga help?


Research conducted in the US has shown that introducing yoga in schools can have positive effects on student concentration, self-regulation, attention, anxiety, stress, mood and resilience.


Yoga helps create harmony and alignment between the mind, body and breath. It helps build strength and flexibility as well as refine balance and co-ordination. Yoga helps to improve focus, instil a sense of calmness and develop a positive self image. 

Yoga in Schools

Yoga classes for primary school students recognise the importance of learning through play. Our classes involve storytelling, individual, partner and group yoga poses and some yoga games. Each class is themed to capture the children’s attention and imagination. 


Yoga classes for secondary school students start to slowly resemble an adults yoga class, whilst still retaining some fun activities such as partner and group yoga poses and age appropriate games. Each class is tailored to the children’s energy and the group dynamics on the day. 


Our classes start with a warm up and a breathing exercise to help centre and educate the children on the importance of the breath. This is followed by a group of balanced yoga poses, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.

Children are given the opportunity to co-create the class within the boundaries of the theme. This encourages working together, self-expression and creativity, helping to develop social skills whilst giving children the tools to manage stress and anxiety. 


Incursions – yoga is a powerful modality that can be used to supplement and reinforce the teachings in the classrooms. Our classes can cover a number of the learning areas and general capability from the National School Curriculum. Classes can also be tailored to be consistent with school themes / inquiry units / gospel values. 


Pay per user group – classes can be held at lunchtime or after school in the school premises.

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