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Kids and Teens Yoga and Mindfulness for ELCs, Kindergartens and Schools

Namaste Yogis specialises in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and teens from preschool to high school age to help them feel calm, centred, resilient, and focussed. We deliver kids and teens yoga and mindfulness incursion programs at Early Learning Centres, Sessional Kindergartens, Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools in the Western and Northern suburbs of Melbourne, including Point Cook, Truganina, Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale, Werribee, Derrimut, Caroline Springs, Cairnlea, Burnside, Deer Park, St Albans, Sunshine, Maidstone, Braybrook, Yarraville and other surrounding suburbs.

All Namaste Yogis teachers are qualified adults and children’s yoga teachers. As a result, we understand the philosophy of yoga, anatomy as it applies to yoga, pose alignments, breathing practices and relaxation. This ensures that benefits of yoga are maximised.

We are trained and experienced in teaching large group of children where class management and keeping children engaged and curious are critical.

Yoga Professional Development (PD) Courses for Educators

Namaste Yogis delivers PD courses for educators in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Schools. These courses are designed to help educators expand their capacity to help students manage their mental health and wellbeing. Learnings are designed to be implemented and integrated in the centres / services (Early Childhood) or in the classrooms (schools).

Educators are welcome to join our upcoming Yoga PD sessions or schedule bespoke training sessions for staff PD days. Training sessions onsite can include a yoga or relaxation session for staff.

Yoga Therapy

Namaste Yogis’ founder Regina is a qualified Yoga Therapist and is available for personalised yoga therapy sessions for adults and teens.

Yoga therapy is a holistic and research backed approach to wellness that integrates the principles of yoga with personalised therapeutic techniques. Designed to be used in parallel with western medicine, yoga therapy uses the principles and practices of yoga philosophy to help alleviate suffering. Individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, utilising these tailored practices to enhance overall well-being.

Other Yoga Classes

If you would like yoga at your children’s school, ELC or sessional kindergarten, please speak to your child’s school Principal, ELC Centre Manager or Sessional Kindergarten Team Leader and we can work with them to deliver a yoga program as part of their curriculum.

Namaste Yogis does not currently run public / group yoga classes for children or adults.


Our Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children always look forward to our weekly yoga class with Regina. As well as challenging our physical activities, Regina’s classes have provided our children (and educators) with many self regulation tools. Regina never fails to engage the children with a new theme each week, which is both fun and educational. The virtual online classes are just as rewarding!!

What do you like most about your yoga class?

“Yoga songs, meditating, downward dog poses, relaxation and singing bowls, books that Regina reads, tree pose, Regina makes us laugh, yoga games.”

Children from Penrose Kindergarten

Regina is a brilliantly talented mum specialising in kids yoga classes and I credit her completely for helping my daughter overcome a back problem that was getting progressively worse – in the end she couldn’t run or jump without pain making sport participation almost impossible. Turns out she had a compressed vertebrae and we have no idea how it happened or for how long it was like that – originally we were told “growing pains”  🙄.

We were told to head to sports medicine clinic in the city but about that time Regina started Saturday kids yoga classes. Thankfully my daughter tried yoga first and she built strength in her “core” which helped her muscles around her compressed vertebrae and we never needed that city trip!!.

As well as the physical benefits, yoga has taught my daughter mindfulness and calmness. Plus Regina makes it so fun!!! I know this is a huge advert for Regina but I feel so so so grateful that my daughter  is no longer in pain and can actually (finally) participate in a team sport!

Meg, mum to an 11 year old yogi

“Regina was incredible with the children in our school holiday program. It was relative new practice for the kids, and some were a little nervous. However, they thoroughly enjoyed the class. Regina stepped the children through the class and they were attentive. We have a few children on the Autism Spectrum and they were able to follow along and enjoy the practice of Yoga with Regina. We had one child in who didn’t want to join in at first but when Regina brought out the yellow ducks to help with balance and focus he thought he could definitely balance the duck longer than others and joined in for the rest of the class. It was really wonderful to see him and the rest of the children enjoying their time. The children loved the sound drum that Regina brought around for each of them to feel the vibration. The children loved it. Regina was truly warm, inclusive and patient with the children.”

Jill L, OSHC Co-ordinator, YMCA Taylors Hill

This wonderful woman has been calming my kiddo down twice weekly. These online yoga classes have been such a blessing!

Krystal, mum to a 7 year old yogi

What do you love most about your yoga class?

“The songs and music, the stories, when we be an egg, the purple thing, the mats, the smell is good, we love everything!”

What is your least favourite part of yoga?

“Don’t like the part when she leaves”

Children from Woodville Park Kindergarten

Regina conducted Yoga and Mindfulness sessions with our Foundation and Year 1 children. The children learned breathing techniques, yoga poses and took on a range of balance challenges. Children were engaged and said they felt relaxed and calm during the session. They particularly enjoyed the singing bowls. Regina was a wonderful instructor who showed care for the children and targeted the lesson to suit their needs. Thank you Regina!

Lumineer Academy, Williamstown, VIC

Western English Language School is a school for newly arrived migrants and refugees. Regina is enthusiastic, adaptable and flexible. She has a talent for finding creative solutions to problems. Her classes are fun and engaging. She finds ways to connect to students and ways to work with reluctant participants.

For the last two years, Regina has worked, very successfully, with our school running yoga programs on Friday afternoons. Regina can provide classes to suit a wide range of ages and abilities, including students who have very little English and those who can find new experiences challenging.

For our students, Regina’s classes are the first time they have experienced yoga. They come out of class happy and energised. Regina has a genuine interest in the welfare of her students, she has the ability to provide classes that work and help students relax and enjoy their time in the yoga class. I highly recommend Regina as a caring, creative and talented yoga teacher.

Western English Language School, Braybrook VIC

What do you like most about your yoga class? 

Teacher’s engagement with the children by catering to their needs and interests. Reading a book and performing yoga together is a unique and lovely exercise.”

How has the yoga classes made any impact / difference on your children / service?

“Children look forward to the class and listen to the teacher very attentively. They are learning to participate as a group.”

Raman D., Kindergaten Teacher, The Manor Kindergarten

“Yoga has a calming effect and has encouraged and taught children how to relax and focus on their breaths. Great strategies for self-regulating. Yoga also allows me, as teacher, to observe how the children respond to another teacher/class and who requires support.”

Lisa G, Kindergarten Teacher, Manor Lakes Kindergarten

It was engaging. The instructions were easy to follow. It was fun and enjoyable for the teachers too, not just the kids.

An interactive incursion conducted under unusual circumstances.

The online yoga session was engaging, fun and informative. Regina’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. The students and teachers really enjoyed the session. I would recommend booking a session with Regina.

Year 3 Teachers, Werribee Primary School

What do you like most about your yoga class? 

Consistent and follows the same routine, although different themes are explored. Children are engaged and use some of the poses, songs/rhymes, and relaxation techniques throughout our daily programs. We love Regina!!!”

How has the yoga classes made any impact / difference on your children / service?

“Absolutely, our yoga classes have helped children to improve body awareness and focus their attention on the present moment and on each part of their body. It offers emotional benefits as well as physical benefits and regular practice has promoted flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, and good posture.”

Joanne C, Kindergarten Teacher, Penrose Kindergarten

Regina from Namaste Yogis was very professional, punctual, reliable and offered proactive solutions during planning, and when problems arose. She was generous with both her time and knowledge. Regina’s calm demeanour was valuable during her work with both students and staff. Due to her calmness, they were able to follow her simple instructions to work on developing regulation skills and had fun doing so. Regina included fun activities to increase connectedness and buy in, and her personality ensured successful lessons.

Anna G., Inclusion Outreach Coach, Wyndham Central College

My kids have loved their weekly yoga classes with Regina and I’m glad that it doesn’t have to stop through isolation. The online Zoom classes work great!

Jodi, mum to 8 and 10 year old yogis

My kid participated in your Monday class. I wanted to tell you (I’ve told everyone else!) that it and you were amazing! Thank you!  She is lucky to have this experience

Lise, mum to an 8 year yogi

What do you like most about your yoga class?

I like the familiar routine. I like how you have a thematic approach and the class notes you provide. Always prepared and always smiling and engaged ????”

How has the yoga classes made any impact / difference on your children / service?

“The 3-year-olds have a shared language about body parts, breathing, yoga poses.

Motivated to join in for group times since we started yoga. Introduction to different musical instruments.”

Joanne P, Kindergarten Teacher & Team Leader, Penrose Kindergarten

What do you like most about your yoga class? 

“Having children learn to move in different ways with fun themes the children can relate to and retell after the session.”

How has the yoga classes made any impact / difference on your children / service?

“The children are calmer after yoga and more confident when they show me the poses afterwards.”

Kristine W, Kindergarten Teacher, Vista Way Kindergarten

Love it! My daughter’s confidence and posture are so much better. She loves doing yoga and I din her endurance and fitness overall has improved. No more back problem!

Susan, mum to an 11 year old yogi

Regina conducted an online class for the grade 4s at my school, and I could clearly see that the children had a great time! She made the poses and activities very accessible for the kids, and kept up a great positive energy

Regina is an incredible teacher, her enthusiasm and love for what she does shows in every session! She has a way with the children and they’re naturally drawn to her! Usually Maison is very shy and hides from the camera but with Reg he is a totally different kid, he interacts and puts his hands up to answer questions! He NEVER does that! My husband and I were soooo surprised and appreciative thank you Regina! See for yourself how awesome Namaste Yogis is, you wont be disappointed.

Phuc, Mum To A 4-Year-Old Yogi

What do you love most about yoga?

“Leaping like a frog, rainbow ball breathing in and out, stories, Halloween, Relaxation, Wombat Stew”.

Children from the Manor Lakes Kindergarten
The students had a fantastic time participating in the Yoga sessions. The experience has also provided very rich learning in regards to our inquiry into what makes us happy and healthy. Other teachers wandering through the space were also very impressed. So positive reviews all round!
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School, Sunshine, VIC

Thank you so much Regina for running a yoga session with our Year 3 students. It was such a great experience for them during lockdown and a chance to do something they wouldn’t normally do. Your level of expertise in this field is evident in the way you conducted the class. It was student friendly, at their pace, easy to follow and engage in. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the staff. Thank you again for dedicating your time to give our students a relaxing and challenging option away from the screens.

Some of our past and current clients

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